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Wine Or Vodka? Pizza Or Pasta? Would You Make The Correct Decision?

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Every day we are faced with many, many food and drink decisions. Do we choose a Caesar salad or a Big Mac? Glass of beer or glass of cider? Which choice is the healthier version or the one with less calories in it? We would all agree I am sure that our lives today are stressful enough. So here are a few dieting dilemmas and the correct option to help you on your way. See how many you get correct.

Still or Sparkling Water?
Do you go for the plain still water or the bubbly sparkling water? Sparking water to those lovely bubbles is full of carbonated gas, which in-turn could leave you feeling bloated. Still water boosts your digestion and flattens your tummy. So still water wins every time. If you find still water a bit tasteless then add a slice of lemon or lime in the glass.

Vodka or Wine?
A glass of wine you are looking at consuming around 150 calories per glass, depending on which color wine you are drinking. Whereas a Vodka and diet coke only comes in at around 60 calories. A vodka and lemonade even less calories. Vodka and a slim-line mixer is the winner.

Sweets or Chocolate?
This may come as a surprise but the answer is chocolate. Even though sweets tend to be lower in fat they are all too easy to go mad on and overeat. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate are a much better option. Just those couple of pieces will quash those sugar hunger cravings much better than a bag of sweets.

Pasta or Pizza?
A pasta meal in a lot if restaurants or made fresh at home are usually deliciously creamy and full of flavor. The downside is that these dishes are often full of cream, cooked in oil and made using white pasta and not the more healthy option of wholemeal pasta. Pizza which on the face of it you would think is the wrong option. Well ease off on the cheese and with health boosting tomato sauce and vegetables on top, Pizza is the winner.

Of course these options when following a diet or a healthy eating and drinking plan should be eaten or drank in moderation. It does however, just go to show that as long as you are careful you can have a few of your favorite things also!

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