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Why Home Made Pizza Does not Taste As Good

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Have you ever asked yourself why your home made pizza just does not taste as good as your local pizzeria's even if you think you're using the same ingredients? Even though it may be hard to believe, the how and where are almost as important as the ingredients you use.

There are many myths relating to the topic of how to prepare pizza dough and the type of yeast used. One of them is that the hotter your hands are when you prepare the dough; the more the dough will rise as the heat stimulates the rising process.

The truth is that your dough's success does not rely on the temperature of your hands as most pizza shops use a machine to make the dough. The real key is your choice of flour and the specific type of yeast that you use.

The flour should be the 0000 category as it is much more processed and is better for softer dough. You should also never use a self-rising dough.

One of the keys regarding the yeast is that you have to adjust depending on temperature conditions. If for example it is colder outside, you should put a little less yeast and salt in the dough mix. If it's hot, you should add more yeast and salt. In both cases you should add some sugar to help the fermentation process and additionally, it will allow the dough to obtain a higher temperature.

The other major element that differentiates your home made pizza from the pizzeria's is that the cooking process you use is very different from their. Most pizza joints use one of two types of processes:

1. Ovens that reach higher temperatures and heat from the top
2. Ovens that reach higher temperatures and heat from the bottom

Regardless of the process used by them, the key is that the ovens reach much higher temperatures than the typical 450 or 500 degree ovens we use at home.

So the next time you're making pizza at home, do not get frustrated because it does not taste like takeout. You're at a major disadvantage that really can not be over unless you spend some serious money. But there are still some things you can do to improve the taste of your pizza. Here are a few tips:

1. Experiment with the dough until you feel like you've gotten just the right amount of yeast mixed in.
2. Make sure to use 0000 rated flour and never use self-rising flour
3. Do not hurry the rising process listed in your recipe
4. Used shredded mozzarella on your pizza so that it melts evenly
5. It's best to use olive oil over any other type

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