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Why Do We Eat So Much Pizza?

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Why do we eat so much pizza?

I'm sitting at lunch time eating my pizza looking across the street at the salad place. Knowing I should have gotten a salad instead of this pizza. However I did not, I want to know why do they make it so darn good? If its not good for us should not they just, stop making it. But noooooo, they continue to make them better and better. Heck you can get thin crust, thick crust, all king of cheese, even multiple cheeses. Today I had a Mexican pizza it was like a taco, but on crust. UMMM it was so delicious.

I tried to limit myself to pizza only every now and then. That means 3-4 times a month, which is great. Did you notice how I rationalized that. My cholesterol is high, so I know it s not good for me. My real response should be I do not eat pizza. Pizza is not the best thing for a high cholesterol person to eat. Does that matter to anyone, nope only me. The one pizza spot I was hooked to PH I could not believe how good they are. The even had a nerve now to put extra cheese in the dough. Like you need more calories. My daughter had a job there, and she bought so much home, we actually go sick of it. Plus she explained how the dough was sprayed down with grease too. That is probably what make it so darn delicious. Her getting a job was good thing, I am actually cured from them.

There should be pizza anonymous club because I have yet to meet someone who does not like it. My new thing is to at least get a pizza that has some vegetable or lettuce or tomatoes on it. I feel like I am eating a little more healthier. We (everyone) create more problems then solutions. It seems to me if there are so many things out there that are so delicious, but we do not need to be eating it. And we are slowly killing ourselves because of the joy of eating. Perhaps we need to start new production on more things that are healthy. And on top of it does not make the healthy things so much more expensive. No wonder we pick the unhealthy over the healthy, it also cheaper.


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