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What is Baklava? – What Does it Look Like?

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Baklava is the delicious middle-eastern dessert. The first known recipe for a baklava-like treat dates back to 1330 CE Culinary historians believe modern baklava originated in the courts of the Ottoman Turks, and indeed today it is found in the countries that once made up the Ottoman Empire. It is said that the Turkish sultan would present huge trays of baklava to his bodyguards every 15th of Ramadan in a gaudy ceremony that became known as the Baklava Alayi.

Baklava is made by layering sheets of paper-thin phyllo dough, each coated with butter. The butter keeps the dough from fusing together during the baking process. Once half the phyllo is down, it is covered with a mixture of crushed walnuts or pistachios, spices and sugar. The other half of the phyllo dough is then laid down on top, again alternating with coats of butter. Before it is put into the oven, the baklava is cut into the familiar diamond-shape pattern.

The baklava is then baked until the top layers of phyllo are golden brown. Then comes the magic part: the baklava is then doused with a hot syrup made either from sugar or honey. As the baklava cools, it sucks this syrup in between the layers of phyllo. The result is that scrumptious combination of sweetness, crunchiness and flakiness that is the sign of perfect baklava.

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