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What Are The Best Ways To Increase Semen Volume?

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There are lots of ways in which a man can increase his semen amount, either for the main reason of increasing his fertility or for greater ejaculation power and it goes without saying, more ejaculate. This is a growing concern for a lot of men but there are ways to combat this. Whether your reasons are for all three of those or just one, mentioned below are just some of the few ways you can greatly improve the quantity of semen made.

Exercise is very good for your whole body and regular exercise has been found to keep your sperm number up, an unhealthy body means your testicles are not sufficient enough to allow for what is considered to be the healthy amount of sperm. Being obese which is harmful to your well-being could lead to poor semen production so being a suitable weight for your stature is crucial.

Aerobic exercises seem to be most effective; certain exercises are in particular are good for increasing the blood flow to the area which will bring about a larger semen creation and larger semen volume.

A wholesome diet is all important if you are suffering from a low sperm count. Stick to fresh, healthy, unprocessed food. A poor diet with processed tainted ingredients will not do you any good and your semen production will suffer as a result. Getting enough fluid is paramount; water clears out all the nasty free radicals in your body and will keep semen levels regulated.

Quit smoking and drinking recklessly , this will have a big effect on your sperm count and semen production. Fascinatingly, studies have shown that people who smoke have a much less sex drive than those who do not smoke.

You must try and avoid being exposed to very hot temperatures for any length of time. Such as using a Turkish bath, a steam room or even propping a laptop on your lap for a long time – especially if your sperm count is low already as if the temperature of your testicles gets too warm, semen production and productivity will be greatly reduced .

Refraining from too frequent masturbation and intercourse will give the semen a chance to replicate itself again. Unnecessary masturbation could cause the sperm that is discharged after the initial ejaculation translucent and of low quality. A break of 3 days between ejaculations will without a doubt help increase the concentration and the measure so you will produce more semen.

If all else fails, a pure ejaculation volume enhancement tablet is available. It can enable you to accomplish the semen quality and quantity that you are so seeking, with improved sexual staying power and long-reflecting orgasms like you've never before.

It is a unique mixture of Pomegranate extract, Zinc, Mucuna Pruriens and L-arginine which enriches the hormone levels ensuing ultimate semen production. One dose a day is all that is required to completely transform your sexual performance and your confidence in the bedroom.

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