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Turkish Sex Matters – The Lying Eyes Club of Turkey #3 of 3

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As mentioned previously, the ‘Lying Eyes Club’ of Turkey lists the 10 basic categories of unfaithful Turkish lovers/partners as: Mental Cheaters, Virtual Cheaters, “Testing 1, 2, 3” Cheaters, Physical Cheaters, Platonic Cheaters, Mulish or Spiteful Cheaters, Eye-for-an-Eye Cheaters, Multi-party Cheaters, Partner ‘Pre-Approved’ Cheaters, and Romantic Cheaters.

Having addressed the first 8 categories already, we conclude with…

9) Partner ‘Pre-Approved’ Cheaters (Daniskli Aldatmalari): Involves cheating in a mutually acceptable fashion — with the full or likely knowledge of your partner. For example, the short-lived affair between Director Kudret Sabanci and Actress Sanem Çelik (who were both working on the TV Series ‘Aliye’) didn’t bother Kudret Bey’s wife, actress Esra Akkaya (who said she had been well aware of the attraction between the co-workers), until after the Turkish paparazzi caught the lovers in a restaurant parking lot, locked in loving embrace — and published candid-camera ‘action’ photos in the Turkish press. Only at that point did Esra Hanim rush back from the movie set (in Germany where she was working) to get a quickie divorce, and then rush back again.

10) Romantic Cheaters (Duygusal Aldatmalari): The most dangerous kind of cheating for unfaithful lovers involves sex, of course, but also passion — and love, or at least affection. It can easily result in the breakup of the relationship with one’s current partner. According to the Lying Eyes website, women are especially unforgiving of unfaithful partners who ‘fall in love’ in the process of cheating. Producer Erol Köse’s affair with Pop Singer Gülsen was of this type. But when he unexpectedly confessed his love for the sexy singer on national TV, Gülsen was appalled, the illicit relationship soured — and it was only by the skin of his teeth that Erol Bey was permitted to limp back home to his thick-skinned wife, Ajlan Hanim, dragging his tail and his wounded pride behind him.


Besides the above-mentioned Unfaithful Turkish Lovers ‘Definitions’ and the Turkish Rules of Cheating Etiquette, the Lying Eyes Club offers the following additional naughty tidbits for your edification (in Turkish, of course) — at its website.

The 5 most popular excuses for cheating in Turkey

1) Looking for excitement, 31%

2) Looking for variety, 23%

3) Not getting what one wants/needs from one’s partner, 19%

4) Lack of interest in one’s current situation, 19%

5) Feeling unloved/unappreciated, 8%

Memorable cheating experiences

1) Cheating with someone who is being cheated on

2) Scoring with someone you meet in a sports salon, a mall, or on the open road

3) Having an affair with the most attractive person at ‘the office’

[ClickfollowingtoaccessafullyillustratedHTMLversionofThe Lying Eyes Club of Turkey

which contains a link to the Turkish “Lying Eyes Club” website.]

Source by Jim Masters

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