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Turkish Belly Dancing

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Turkish belly dancing is becoming really popular in many countries, and more and more people are becoming interested in learning this flamboyant, exotic art. The dance is very dynamic and fascinating to watch, it can be quite flirty and sensual, and although belly dancing is mainly a female pursuit there are male belly dancers.

People are training to do Turkish belly dancing professionally, as a healthy exercise, or just to dance for fun for their partner or friends.

To dance professionally a dancer has to be physically fit and quite subtle to perform the more energetic and daring moves.

Healthy Exercise
As healthy exercise, the energetic, dynamic style of Turkish belly dancing makes it ideal as an aerobic exercise, improving breathing, and circulation which is good for the heart. Belly dancing can be very relaxing and de-stressing and as you are more likely to stick to a health program that is enjoyable, it can sure beat running on a treadmill!

Dancing can be an exhilarating way to have fun and let go of your inhibitions, to dance for your partner as a surprise, or as a party trick for friends, it can make for a really enjoyable evening.

Basic Moves
If you are dancing for fun or as a healthy exercise basic dance moves may suffice.

Basic steps will be forward, backward, side to side, and circular, the pace can vary, and the body will flow with the rhythm of the music. Dancers can draw upon different elements from around the world and each usually develop their own style. Basic moves include the hip shimmy (quickly shaking the hips), hip circles (known as the full moon), hip punches (thrusts), and shoulder shimmy. There are the snake-like movements of the arms, and rolling of the hips, belly, and shoulders which likens to riding a camel.

More Difficult Moves
To dance professionally a belly dancer will learn the more difficult and athletic moves, which will require training and suitable fitness levels. There can be leaps and floor work, and difficult moves like the Turkish drop and the backbend.

Belly Dancing Clothes
Yet another reason that many people are drawn to belly dancing is the costumes which are colorful and beautifully decorated. Although quite difficult to buy in the past, they have become more accessible due to their availability online. They can be quite inexpensive to buy, depending on the quality of costume required. The belly dance costumes can be quite revealing, particularly in the West with skirts showing lots of leg. However this does not have to be so, and many dancers prefer more modest attire.

The clothes usually consist of a bra top, decorated with sequins, beads, and coins. Pantaloons or skirt, and a hip belt also decorated with sequins, beads, and coins.

Other common clothing and props can be a headband, veil, scarves, various jewelery items, and finger cymbals (zills).

If you are looking for a unique way of exercising, that is great fun and a wonderful way to express your femininity, Turkish belly dancing could be just the thing you are looking for!

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