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True Sicilian Style Pizza at Pizza Restaurant

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Across the country of Italy, the homeland of the pizza pie, there are a number of different variations that people have come to love. One of these variations is the Sicilian style pizza. Through this brief article you are provided a look at the Sicilian style pizza in its most traditional form. The fact is that through the years, in many countries around the world, there have been innumerable attempts to refashion Sicilian style pizza. However, when all is said and done, purists will tell you directly that there is only one way to make true Sicilian style pizza.

When it comes to tradition, there probably are very few other places in the world that are more connected to their history than are the people of Sicily. This includes all aspects of life on the island, including when it comes to food and dining. Therefore, the manner in which Sicilian style pizza is made is something that has been passed along from generation to generation.

The most fundamental difference between Sicilian style pizza and other variations of the pizza pie rests in ths fact that all – all – of the ingredients are backed directly into – into – the crust. Everything.

An authentic Sicilian pizza recipe utilizes a variety of different ingredients. However, neither anchovies nor cheese are ever used in traditional Sicilian style pizza. Indeed, the absence of cheese in traditional and authentic Sicilian style pizza is another element of this type of pie that sets it apart from most other variations.

Beginning in the 1990s, a number of pizza restaurants got onto the proverbial “Sicilian pizza” bandwagon. However, with that said, while they were making delicious pies, and while they were calling them Sicilian, in fact the pizzas that were crafted really were not Sicilian in the strictest sense of the world.

For example, a number of restaurants and bistros around the world (and off the island of Sicily) introduced rectangular shaped pizzas that were topped with sauce and cheese. Again, authentic Sicilian pizza has not toppings (everything is baked in the crust) and no cheese.

What these restaurants and bistros did bake into the crust were herbs like basil, oregano and garlic. The end result certainly were delicious pizza pies. But, authentic Sicilian pizza they were not.

The reality is that through the years there have been many variations on some of the more traditional pizzas. While a Sicilian pizza purist might balk at some to the transformations given to the delectable offering, the end result has been some tasty hybrids that do pay tribute on some level to the magnificent Sicilian pizza.

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