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Troubleshooting For Making Your Turkish Coffee

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Trying out new types of coffee can be ever so fun, but not if you feel like you are beating your head against a wall and messing up your brew. Turkish coffee is an alternative delight to regular coffee brewing, which is why it is so necessary to know what problems to avoid to make sure that you have the best final brew product in your cup!

First, make sure that you have your portions measured correctly when you are starting to brew your Turkish coffee. You need to have a very fine coffee grind, even finer than what you would use for espresso. From that point, you will want to use one small espresso cup of water to 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds. At the very most, you can use up to 2 teaspoons for a stronger Turkish coffee, but that is the maximum.

Next, make sure that your coffee grounds are almost a powder. If they are too coarse, then the final brew will turn out like weak brown water, when it really needs to be very rich and strong. When you do brew your Turkish Java, it will need to have a rich crema on top, similar to a perfect espresso. This will primarily come from using the powdered grind to your coffee during the brew process.

Turkish coffee is made with a special pot in which it will heat the coffee, but you need to make sure that you do not let it boil. This will cause the final brew to taste burnt and bitter, so it is important to just heat the coffee without bringing it to a boil. Furthermore, some people even like to bring their coffee to a boil multiple times, which is definitely going to affect the final taste of your brew, and make it taste subpar.

When you're adding sugar to your coffee, make sure that you add your sweetener before you heat the coffee and the water. This will cause the sugar to be boiled in with the coffee flavor during the brew process, and if you add the sugar after the fact, then it will not taste as naturally sweet. This is an easy way to use less sugar so that it is effectively dissolved when you brew your Turkish coffee, as long as you add it before brewing and not after.

It is also important that you are using the right size coffee pot that will hold three small espresso cups of Java. It is much more important to use a smaller pot that is conical to allow for the heating of the brew, which will cause it to foam and create the crema you are looking for.

Finally, you do need to let your final brew sit for a few moments before you serve your Turkish coffee so that the powdered grounds can sink to the bottom. You will be drinking your Turkish coffee with the grounds in the bottom as a part of the brew, so it is a must to let them settle before sipping your delicious drink!

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