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Traditional Pizza Tastes Better Than Fast Food Pizza

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It's not difficult to accept that pizza is included in everyone's list of favorite food, whether as comfort food during a rainy Saturday night or just a Friday night treat while watching DVDs at home. But have you thought about where pizza came from?

Surprisingly, the history of pizza is rather a controversial issue, with a lot of explanations of where the original pizza came from. Some believe it to have originated from the pita breads Greek love and which ever evolved into the modern pizza, while some argument that pizza evolved from the kind of unleavened bread Romans have from the earlier centuries of Rome.

However, it has been accounted for that the pizza we know and love today was created by a man from Naples, Italy named Raffaele Esposito. The pie was decorated with red tomatoes, green basil, and cheese, mainly because he wanted the colors of the Italian flag. His creation was made in honor of the Queen Margherita, and has become a phenomenon since.

Modern day pizza has evolved into countless varieties and pizza fanatics like me enjoy traveling to different parts of the world to sample the tastes of each region's refinement. Living in America where fast food pizza companies rule the family dining tables, make sure to go venture out to your local old-school pizzerias, complete with the red and white checkered tablecloths. Order a slice and indulge to the good old traditional way of making pizza by hand and not through assembly lines.

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