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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Turkey

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Like very few other places, Turkey has been placed in a tarnished pigeon hole and by many is regarded as a dirty, vulgar, cheap destination which should not be touched with a barge pole. Many who have done little to no research on Turkey tend to make assumptions based on one bad story they probably heard 15 years ago. The men are generalized as being greasy, slimy and untrustworthy, and the place itself has been cast as dirty, smelly and dismal and is shunned by many.

Having said that, Turkeys tourism industry is growing and growing, and in 2008 was visited by more than 26 million tourists. As huge as this sounds, when we compare this to a country loved by all, Spain, which is almost a third smaller in size than Turkey, and had visits of more than 60 million tourists in 2008, there is much room for improvement for Turkey , and hopefully in the future will do so. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Turkey this year.

o Price – Turkey is one of the cheapest holiday destinations to visit, with the credit crunch hitting us all hard, you'll find many cheap holidays to Turkey available.
Accommodation can be booked from as little as £ 6 per person per night!

o Locals – The locales are so friendly and welcoming, this can sometimes be misconstrued as pestering, however they do mean well and have your best interests at heart.

o Food – Providing diverse menu's and a wide variety of options, there are many stunning restaurants across Turkey serving fresh foods, marinated meats and freshly baked breads which will make your mouth water.

o Cost Of Living – It is far cheaper to purchase food and drink in Turkey as opposed to the more popular countries ie Spain, Greece & Italy. You can save a fortune in spending money too as gifts and clothing can be bought very cheap from the local markets.

o Weather – If you too are a hardened sun worshiper, you could not wish for it to get any hotter, in fact you'll probably welcome the incidental breeze coming from the sea.

o Scenery – Surrounded by stunning mountainous scenery, Turkey really is a place of natural beauty. In every direction you turn, you see more beauty on show.

o Beach – There are so many beaches available available, you'll be spoiled for choice. Visit the Turquoise Coast where you'll find the large, curved beach of Olu Deniz with its crystal clear water and stunning scenery. Or if you prefer being completely secluded, try Gemile Bay Beach, near Fethiye. This unspoiled, picturesque cove will see you there all day long.

o Nightlife – Offering vibrant, colorful nightlife, visit Bodrum where you'll stumble across bar street hosting limitless entertainment including foam parties, disco's and live music. Or head over to the popular Marmaris, with its sea front setting hosting live entertainment and cocktail bars.

o Plenty To Do -There's so much on offer in Turkey, from white water rafting to taking a Turkish bath. You can even charter a gulet (a traditional wooden boat where you'll cruise along the Aegean coast), you can not possibly get bored in Turkey.

o Fantastic Hotels – If you prefer a bit of luxury, there are many 5 * stunning hotels available, most starting from very reasonable prices. Most offer traditional entertainment, Turkish baths and great food all on the hotel premises.

The general consensus from people returning from their holiday in Turkey is that they had an amazing time, loved Turkey and would definitely return. When Turkey first came about as being a tourist destination, it was harshly judged and I think many of those opinions still linger on now.

These unjustified opinions need to be replaced with true, honest judgments of the country as it is now, I think because there are so many cheap holidays to Turkey available, people are beginning to lean towards Turkey rather than other EU Countries.

Source by Laura Elliott

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