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Tips Related To Lighting Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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While any kind of microwave oven can be used to make pizza, the authentic way of making a pizza tends to bring out the quality of texture and flavor that modern techniques can not. Traditionally, the best pizzas are made in pizza ovens made of brick that are fired by wood. It is because of this reason that many pizza fans install or create a wood fired pizza oven in their backyards.

However, not only are such conventional ovens difficult to set up but also difficult to maintain and use. Fortunately, the right kind of knowledge and skill set can offset these flaws. Lighting the oven is one of the most serious aspects of making pizza the conventional way. This is due it results in the right amount of heat being provided to the batter. Here are some tips on lighting the pizza oven.

Understanding how the heat system works in the traditional oven can help you in maintaining and using it much better. For instance, you should know that such ovens depend on the batter being contained in three different ways. The first is construction where the heat is transferred through the bricks. The second is radiation wherein the heat is reflected from the dome above onto the batter. Finally, the third is convection ie heat travels through the air to the batter.

From this perspective, heating the brick oven well in advance means that the oven's temperature is taken to the maximum and then bought down to the right level. It is also worth mentioning that when the oven's temperature climbs to the maximum level, it tends to cure the oven surfaces. This means that the oven is being sterilized through heat instead of anything else. After such curing, all that you will have to do is take a metal bristled brush and sweep the ash out of the oven.

One thing you need to focus on while lighting the oven is the type of wood you use. The wood you use should be completely natural. It should not contain any chemicals, glue or paint on it because when these substances vaporize they can be physically damaging.

Most season pizza makers recommend the use of soft wood in the beginning of the heating process. The reason for this is simply that soft wood is not only easier to light but it also tends to burn with more intensity. Once the oven has reached the right temperatures, you can switch to hard wood to maintain the temperatures. The dimensions of the wood being used need to be focused upon as well. No sliver should be thicker than your little finger.

When you are lighting the fire, you need to leave the door open because air is needed inside for the fire to burn properly. Making sure that there is enough air inside the brick oven is one of the most key aspects of pre heating it because the right amount of air can facilitate the entire process of pre heating. You can start the pre heating process with the help of newspaper or other common fire starters. As the fire starts to grow in intensity, hard wood can be added. Needless to say, it is always better to use a butane torch to light the fire than to struggle with a matchstick.

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