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The Wide World of Pizza in Pizza Restaurant

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Travel across Italy and you will hear people from different regions claiming that their part of the country is the birthplace of the pizza pie. As the dough increases this will be a debate that carries on to the end of time. What is clear when it comes to pizza is that through the years there have been many tasty variations on the theme. Through this article you are provided a peak of some of those different types of pizza that have taken hold today.

Greek pizza is the brainchild of a number of Greek immigrants to North America. What these people created was a pizza pie that has a thicker and chewer crust that some of the more traditional variations of the pie. Greek pizza is baked in a pan rather than directly on the bricks or on some other type of cooking surface. Olive oil is used as a topping on the pizza itself rather liberally. In addition, these types will oftentimes come complete with feta cheese as well as Kalamata olives. This particular type of pizza has proved to be very popular in New England in the USA as well as in different Greecian enclaves in North America.

St. Louis style pizza is a type of thin crust pizza that gained popularity in and around the St. Louis. Louis, Missouri, region before spreading out more broadly. The main distinction between St. Louis style pizza and other thin crust variations is the substitution of Provel cheese for mozzarella cheese – which is the cheese type that commonly is used in a wide range of other types of pizzas, particularly pizzas that are served in North America.

One of the more popular pizza routes through many of the European Union countries, Australia, Canada, Sweden and the Western United States is what is known as Hawaiian pizza. The base or crust of this pizza varies – it can be thicker or thinner to taste. It is the toppings that define Hawaiian pizza (which is known as Pizza Hawaii through the EU). The toppings are Canadian bacon (or sliced ​​ham, depending on local custom and availability), pineapple and mozzarella cheese. What is most unusual about Hawaiian pizza is that it did not originate in Hawaii and is not popular on the islands.

California style pizza generally is a type of pizza that uses a variety of what might be considered non-traditional ingredients. This includes a variety of fresh produce toppings that are liberally utilized on this type of pizza. Moreover, sauces like barbecue are often replaced for more common types of sauces that historically have been used on pizza pies.

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