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The Street Food of Sayulita on Mexico's Riviera Nayarit

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The unpretentious pueblo known as Sayulita is located on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico and has a magnetic persona that keeps drawing us back. The village is just north of a Puerto Vallarta but as we noted before it's a world removed from the “typical” tourist destination and exudes a very special state of mind that all visitors experience … the Sayulita Good Vibes.

A visitor has well over 100 dining options to choose from ranging from gourmet restaurants to simply cooking for yourself with the abundant fresh local ingredients.

The focus of this article is on a variety of unique and authentic local specialties known simply as … street food.

Street Food by the Sea

Street food in Mexico is usually synonymous with the basic taco in one form or the other, but in typical Sayulita culinary style they start with the basics and take it to another level.

Let's Talk Tacos

The American version of this Mexican food staple varies from coast to coast but it's basically a tortilla filled with the main ingredient and loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and topped off with a large dollop of sour cream … the default “benchmark” for many of us.

But while exploring Mexico we found what an authentic taco is all about.

Sayulita has many epicurean delights, and one of our favorites is something we call a “craft” taco which is offered through the village by talented sellers who look at a fresh tortilla as a blank canvas to apply their creative skills.

Fresh ingredients are prepared using secret family recipes, then cooked to perfection and topped off with unique salsa creations.

The process is deliberate and takes a little time, so order some refreshments and enjoy the entertaining street scene consisting of people, cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles and an occasional horse or two going by at a leisurely pace.

There is something relaxing about sitting on a narrow cobblestone street enjoying the cacophony going by, and at the same time learning a new skill set … how to stabilize a wobbly table with your flip-flop … it takes practice and a margarita or two, but it ever becomes natural.

Fast Food Slow – Made from scratch right before your eyes.

Maria's sidewalk restaurant is a string of tables that extend into the main street right after the bridge as you enter the town. She prepares your individual order right in front of you. At first we thought the service was slow but then realized that the masa she was kneading and pressing into a sopes was for the plate we just ordered.

As you sit and wait you are served freshly made tortilla chips with amazing home-made salsas and relax while slowly sipping on a refreshing margarita … after all, what's the hurry!

Gastronomic trees using Beef, Pork and Chicken

El Itacate became one of our favorite spots for exceptional meat tacos as well unusual breaded chicken and vegetarian entrees.

We had the challenging task of sampling most of their menu items just to ensure the quality was consistent … a sacrifice but, alas, someone had to do it and in our opinion they do it right … superior comes to mind!

Eclectic Street Food Choices Abound

The Chicken Lady

Along Main Street there is an entrepreneur grilling chickens. She has it down to an efficient routine and offers “just” chicken and when she sells out she shuts down the grill and goes home.

The Churros Man

Fresh hot churros are fried curbside and judging from the continuous line of devotees the sugary trees are very popular.

Libations for a Refreshing Pause

There are numerous open air bars along the streets leading to the beach and it makes it easy to pick up drinks along the way. As a side note, adding a $ 10 USD tip on your first order gets you VIP treatment and a better pour on your margaritas going forward … so they say.

Chilled Fruit Pleasures

Along the side streets leading to the beach are sellers offering refreshing fruit smoothies as well as fresh fruit cups … simply select the various ingredients and they transform it into a healthy delicious snack.

Baked Goods

Available from traditional shops such as Panino's Pastry / Coffee Shop as well as from the non-traditional sellers selling warm and delicious pastries from the back of a truck … the crowds confirm their quality and good taste.

Toes-in-the-Sand Food

Well sorta … You are eating on the beach but on dinner plates, using silverware and cloth napkins … OK, so you ordered off Don Pedro's menu (same prices as if you ordered in the restaurant and its delivered to your lounge chair ) … but your toes are in the sand as you enjoy the beach's ambiance.

Vendors on the Beach

For the more casual experience there are numerous vendors on the beach offering fresh, cold coconut drinks served in the husk, grilled shrimp on a stick, iced oysters, donuts with a “special spice”, pastries, cookies, and there is even a pushcart (a tough act in the sand) with dozens of assorted candy treats … you gotta love it!


Just Scratching the Surface

There are so many eating and drinking choices that we only scratched the surface by focusing on street food and the daylight capabilities.

As the sun sets and nightfall eases across the town an entirely different Sayulita is released. One with a vibrant and festive pulse that begins to gently beat as the street food gives way to more elaborate cuisine offerings and an energized music scene begins to unfold …

But that is for another article somewhere down the road.

Viva Mexico … Viva Sayulita!

After all, what is the hurry … be inspired …

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Source by Bob Kollar

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