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The Secret Formula Webinar and Pizza Box Formula Review

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My name is Dan Palleschi and I am giving you an honest review of the “Secret Formula Webinar” which is also referred to as the “Pizza Box Formula”. I am sure you’ve heard of the program and are finding this article as a result of your search. Are you looking for information because you are interested in making additional income from home? Well here comes my take on the Secret Formula Webinar.

The first misconception people have about the Secret Formula Webinar is that it must be some kind of scam or pyramid scheme. Let me just say that this is no scam. Everyone has the same opportunity. The only people who would call this program a scam are people who are completely ignorant of what a scam is or somebody talking bad about the system in order to sway you into looking at their opportunity instead. The Secret Formula Webinar is not a pyramid scheme either. Nobody at the top makes more than anyone else. There is not an ever widening base where the people who get in later are at a disadvantage over the ones who joined first.

Misconception number two about the Secret Formula Webinar is that it is a cash gifting program or an MLM or network marketing company. It is neither a gifting program nor is it an MLM. It is a marketing system that sells a direct sales product. The products are a part of the company Premier Wealth Systems. The webinar provides the truth about how average people can come to earn a significant income from home leveraging the presentation itself and software tools that are made available for driving traffic and generating leads.

Does the Secret Formula Webinar make people money without any effort? No company nor marketing system in the world makes money for people who don’t put in any effort. The webinar system is designed to do things like establish credibility, sell the products, explain the business model, and close sales so the average marketer who is not comfortable doing those things, no longer has to. People who join the Secret Formula Webinar receive their own version of the Webinar site and access to all the software tools and virtual back office with additional marketing resource and information. It is still up to those who join the SFW to follow the system and utilize the tools to drive the traffic to their website so the webinar can take over from there.

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