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Swiss Recipes – Popular Dishes From the Heart of Switzerland

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No matter where you dare to travel in this world, food is the one item that is a universal commodity. Always in demand, and sometimes in short supply, food has always had the ability to provide people of the world something over which to bond. Every culture bears traditional customs surrounding its eating habits, and Switzerland is no exception. Switzerland's cuisine is unique; it stays true to the rich history of the country, but you will see that as we take a few popular dishes from the Swiss cookbook Switzerland's food has also been affected by neighboring countries. The French, Italian, German and Romansh regions of Switzerland each boast their own traditional dishes, most of which can be found throughout the nation.

In the French speaking region of Switzerland, the popular dishes include Raclette, Papet vaudois and the ever popular Fondue. The Raclette dish is a hot cheese served over potatoes and served with sides such as gherkins and pickled onions. Papet vaudois is leeks with potatoes served with sausage. Of course Fondue, probably the most famous dish on the Swiss menu, is made from melted cheese and ateen by dipping small pieces of bread or potato into the cheese. Speaking from experience melted cheese and bread is quite a delicious combination, so it's no surprise this dish's popularity has taken off internationally.

Through the Italian speaking region of Switzerland you will find dishes such as Polenta and Saffron Risotto. Polenta was considered a poor man's meal for centuries until the beginning of the 17th Century when corn was introduced to the southern area of ​​the canton of Ticino. The meal originally consist of mixed flour, later evolving into cornmeal which guided the way to a momentous change in the dish. However, it would still take another two hundred years before the dish was considered a staple in Ticino's diet. Saffron Risotto is also considered a traditional Ticino dish consisting of vegetables, butter, oil, diced onions and rice sautéed together in a skillet.

The most popular dish from the German region of Switzerland would have to be Rösti; a simple meal consisting of mostly potatoes prepared very simply in the fashion of hash browns. Llplermagronen, also known as Alpine herdsman's macaroni, is another well-known dish in this region. Made from macaroni, potatoes, onions, bacon and melted cheese, all of the ingredients are what an Alpine herdsman would have traditionally had on hand at his cottage. Zopf is another popular item which is a bread that the Swiss typically consider a Sunday special. In the Romansh region of Switzerland Chur Meat Pie (Chur being the capital of Graubünden), Graubünden Barley Soup and Pizokel with cage are all popular choices.

As you can see, there are a number of traditional dishes native to different areas of Switzerland. While they are all influenced by the particular region in which they benefit, it is not difficult to see similarities throughout the cuisine, such as the use of potatoes and various cheeses. All the meals are unique in their own respect and may appeal to some pallets more than others, but in the spirit of cultural diversity, why not at least try one dish from our Swiss friends? Leaf through a Swiss cookbook or head to your nearest kitchen for a taste; you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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