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Smart Advertising – Coupons and Pizza Menus

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There are two timeless advertising techniques that have long been used for many businesses that can be directly applied to any pizza business simultaniously. These two advertising gold mines are coupons and flyer menus. There are many benefits to both of these advertising methods and they can be easily integrated into one powerful advertising tool for any pizza business. Just ensure you include a coupon deal or a selection of coupon deals with your pizza menu design to give customers exclusive deals on their orders and reward existing customers for repeat business. This not only entices new customers to choose your business over others but it will also help retain customers and provide repeat business for years to come.

The Benefits of Coupons for Smart Advertising.
· Coupons can help promote new items when they are released to encourage people to try something new and give your new product the best possible chance.

· Voucher coupons can also increase repeat sales by acting as the "hook" which draws customers to your business. Coupons that focus on popular meals or food stuff will ensure customers choose your business over others without deals on their favorite foods.

· Coupons that offer special discounts to certain people can encourage custom from your target audience. For example, a 10% discount voucher on pizza orders for all students will peak more interest from student customers looking for a late night pizza.

The Benefits of Pizza menus for Smart Advertising.
· Pizza menu printing can help improve sales through an effective distribution plan. Delivering pizza menus directly to people within your delivery area will ensure your business gets the best possible exposure to all potential customers.

· Pizza menu printing also ensures customers and potential customers alike know your business is available and can easily see what you have to offer from the comfort of their own home. With a pizza menu design a customer will be able to pick out your flyer design and look up the food they want or browse your menu to try out something new.

· Pizza flyer printing remains one of the most economic advertising methods available today. Flyer printing provides a high customer response driving business sales up and yet can cost very little per flyer especially is bought in bulk. Bulk printing discounts will drive your flyer printing costs down even further making the profit margin of this advertising campaign higher than most other traditional advertising methods whilst being affordable for small businesses.

· Flyer printing and pizza menu printing is also one of the most effective advertising tools used today for offline businesses. With an effective distribution campaign and a professional and high quality flyer menu design your pizza menu printing job can dramatically improve sales literally overnight.

When you combine both menu printing and coupons on the front page design of you pizza menu you can encompass all benefits into one advertising campaign to provide the maximum results and increased business sales and growth.

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