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Scottish Cuisine

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Scottish cuisine reflects to the precise set of cooking traditions and practices related to Scotland. It has certain special characteristics and is loved by food buffs across the globe. Cuisine of Scotland has evolved through the long standing history of the country and has come to comprise an important dimension of its culture. Scottish cuisine is renamed for the widespread use of local produce.

The traditional food is based on local produce such as oats for porridge and oatcake biscuits (bannocks), salted, or smoked meat and game. Fish is a staple and the city of Aberdeen has been known for its cured fish since the 13th Century. Certain special dishes such as Scotch broth are considered healthy, whereas other dishes are rich in fat and contribute to the high rate of heart disease and obesity in this country.

Some of the most popular appetizers are Scotch smoked salmon, Finnan haddie, or Haddie-stuffed artichokes. Soups in Scotland are usually served at lunch. You will come across wonderful combinations of flavors such as Scottish logo and apple soup which can be served either hot or cold. Scottish salads are very healthy made of vegetables, fruits or even a mixture of fruits and vegetables or vegetables with meat. Some are even made with fish and seaweed

Extremely popular dishes include fish and chips, and indeed the battered and fried haggis supper remains a hot favorite. They have been joined in more recent years by outlets selling pizzas, Turkish-style kebabs (although generally with no resemblance to the original Anatolian dish), pakoras and other handy foodstuffs.

Scotland, and the west coast in particular, is infamous for the amount of deep-fried food consumed, and for being the home of such dishes as the deep-fried pizza and deep fried Mars bar. Deep fried doner kebabs have also become quite popular in Glasgow.

Scottish cuisine is famous throughout the world because of its mouth-watering taste and exotic flavors. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab any Scottish dish and find out for yourself!

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