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Sail Away In The Turkish Town of Gocek

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If you're visiting Turkey, chances are you may be arriving in Dalaman. Transfers from this bustling center offer a personal service designed to escort you straight from the airport, where you are met by your driver, and directly to your chosen hotel. Dalaman transfers can be booked in advance and are the perfect way to begin and end your trip.

Exploring Gocek

Many people choose to stay in the beautiful town of Gocek when visiting Turkey. Gocek is particularly appealing to those who love to sail. (It has been likened to English towns such as Dartmouth.) The stunning scenery is made up of tiny dotted islands and a backdrop of incredible mountains. This area is always quite tourist free because there are no beaches, as such. Rather, the coastline here is a magnet for sailors; consequently there is not the development that other areas of Turkey have experienced, and the town remains very local and distinctly charming. After arriving at the airport in Dalaman, transfers are available to take you to your accommodation here.

Sail away

The waters around this part of Turkey's coastline are wonderful for sailing and ideal for long lazy lunches sent anchored up just far enough off the shore to enjoy true peace and tranquility. There are a host of waterside restaurants that you can anchor up next to and enjoy a taste of real Turkish cuisine in a rustic setting.

The wonderful thing about sailing in Turkey is that you can actually stay on board the vessel, which means accommodation is not a problem. However, should you prefer to keep your feet firmly on land when in Gocek there is no shortage of traditional accommodation options as well.

Experience the gulet

For first time visitor, a trip on one of Turkey's traditional sailing vessels should be on the agenda. The gulet is a traditional sailing boat with a very distinct shape, and today they are used to offer tourists an authentic sailing experience. A trip on a gulet is lots of fun, but if you prefer something a little more modern there are many places along the coast where you can jump on a cruise boat for a day trip, or even longer if you like.


Kayakoy is a quaint little place close by and well worth a visit. The Greek Christians who settled on the Asia mainland once lived here, but in the 1920s they were moved out in the name of ethnic cleansing. Their homes still stand and the place is a rather interesting one in which to spend a couple of hours.

Get your Gocek holiday off to a great start by booking one of the Dalaman transfers and you'll arrive refreshed and ready to go.

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