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Retiring In Croatia: About The Appeal Of The Mediterranean Life

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Located across from the famous country of Italy, Croatia is a fast rising go-to destination for both tourists and retirees. Although their past was marked by political turmoil because of the transition from a communist to a uniform democratic parliamentary parliament, the country is now a peaceful place to retire in.

Croatia's landscape is a diverse one. There are shorelines looking out to the Adriatic Sea, the mountains known as the Dinaric Alps, flat plains of Slavonia, islands scattered all over the Adriatic Sea, and the hilly regions of the Hrvatsko Zagorje. There are also notable rivers running across the landscape – the most famous is the Danube River being Europe's second longest.

What attracts people the most in this region is the Old Mediterranean architecture that the government specifically reserved for tourism. This is also a very strong pull for seniors as well – especially those who have a certain liking for ancient and historical architecture and artifacts. Of course, there are also beautiful natural sights like the Plitvice lakes that are famous for the cluster of waterfalls, lakes and mineral cascades (limestone and dolomite). You will also find a lot of natural parks and reserves – all of which you can decide to visit as you explore the place that you have chosen as your retirement destination.

The climate in the country is warm and rainy – very Mediterranean in fact. Although, there are snowy areas too, especially in Lika and Gorski Kotar.

The locals are only 4.9 million but it bloats as tourists who visit the country reach 10 million. The walls of the Mediterranean coastal cities that is reminiscent of the medieval times get people from all over the world to come over. Beyond that, the city of Zagreb also holds an appeal. The Blue Flag beaches are also quite an attraction. Of course, the Plitvice lakes share in this tourism pull. You can probably say the same for retiring individuals.

When you decide to live here, you can fill your days visiting all of the mentioned places above. You have a lot of theaters, ancient Roman amphitheaters, museums and galleries. The coastal cities and port towns will give you the sense of going back in time. Old palaces and churches are also thrown in for the complete historical experience.

Croatian is the major language and although English is spoken for foreign visitors, you may want to learn the local language.

Food is also quite an adventure because it is heavily influenced by 4 cultures namely the Mitteleuropa, Byzantine Empire, West Roman Empire and of course, the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is popular in Dalmatia but it is also influenced by Italian cuisine. This means the meals are mostly pasta, vegetables and seafood. The inland communities prefer the Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish cuisine. This includes means of meat, vegetables and fresh fish. Wine is also a popular beverage in meals.

Cost of living is rather cheap if you compare it to nearby nations like France or Italy. You can probably say that it is closer to the costs in Spain. If you prefer a modest lifestyle, you only need around $ 900.

Source by Stephie Hofstetler

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