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Raleigh Restaurants With NY-Style Food: Top 5 List

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If you have just moved to the Raleigh area from the Northeast, and are wondering where to find NY-style food then this list is for you. New Yorkers love their pizza, bagels, delis, Italian food, and hero sandwiches. The following is a list of the best restaurants in Raleigh to look to find this type of food.


New York Bagel and Deli III is the best NY-style deli in the Raleigh area. The owners are from New Hyde Park on Long Island. They make fresh bagels, bread and pastries every day. They serve premium deli meat on their hero-style sandwiches. They have chicken salad, macaroni salad and tuna salad just like any deli you would typically find on every corner in New York.

2. Daniels

Daniel is from Long Island and makes some of the best pizza in the Raleigh area. The pizza is thin crust, with great sauce and cheese just like NY pizza. Daniels also makes other great Italian dishes, like Chicken Parmesan.

3. Mambo Italiano

The owners of Mambo Italiano are from Bethpage, Long Island. The veal and pasta dishes are good at Mambo Italiano and are similar to the Italian food you find in NY. Warm, hot bread is served at the table with olive oil just like NY-ers love.

4. Piola

Piola is a chain at North Hills mall and they make great pizza. Piola's Margarita Pizza melts in your mouth just like NY-style pizza. The pizza is thin crust with just the right sauce.

5. State Farmer's Market Restaurant

The State Farmer's Market restaurant is where you should go to enjoy a big NY-style breakfast. They make big fluffy pancakes and large tasty omelets stuffed with whatever you want. The lunch at the State Farmer's Market restaurant is southern, but their breakfast is like you would find in NY, but with a southern twist. There are diners all over NY and to find diner food in Raleigh, you need to head over to the State Farmer's Market restaurant.

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