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Pizza's Short History – A Well Known Dish In The World

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How much do you know about pizza? You probably eat it every day or at least, in every week. But have you ever stopped to wonder about how it became what it is today?

The meaning in Latin

The early form of pizza is known as focaccia (which means fire in Latin), a flat bread that consist of various herbs, olives, raisin, honey, fat and nuts.

Pizza is a flat bread

Any flat bread or pie that has been baked or fried is termed as pizza in Italian. The first form of pizza came from Naples during 1700s although numerous types of pizzas are found in Mediterranean. In the year 100, Naples has been popular because of this dish. Initially, they called it laganae which later evolved to picea. This flat bread is mainly garnished with cheese, olive oil, and anchovies and was cooked in an open fire.

The pizza reached the King of Naples

The first pizzerias started in Naples but most of the chefs disregarded pizza because it was said to be the food of the less fortunate people. However as the year 1770's approached, the combination of pizza and tomato stirred up the interest of royal people. The King of Naples, Ferdinand I Bourbon loved the taste of the simple dish and declared that it should be included in the menu of the palace as well as his son Ferdinand II who hired Domenico Testa to make a pizza oven in the palace. The King's plan has failed because his wife Queen Maria Carolina opposed him.

The public gets their hands on pizza

Pizza as a simple and economic dish later on turned to everyone's favorite and is commonly sold on streets as time goes by.

The Italian Queen experiences pizza

Pizza became even well known to Italy when Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889. She heard a lot of pizza's popularity and decided to taste it. The royal palace invited a popular cook named Don Rafaelle with the aid of his wife Donna Rosa to cook the pizza for the Queen of Italy. The couple prepared 3 pizzas with the first one consistent of basil and cheese, the second one with oil, garlic and tomato and the third one with basil, tomato and mozzarella. Queen Margherita chose the third pizza because of its splendid colors resembling the national flag. Thus it was known as Pizza Margherita.

Pizzas finally reach the US

Starting at the last century, first pizzerias opened up in the US because of Italian immigrants. Nowadays, pizza has paved its way of becoming even more popular. Here are some popular pizza dishes of today: Pizza Napoletana, Pizza Margherita, Pizza Four Seasons, and Pizza Marinara.

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