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Pizza – What Are The Most Popular Toppings?

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How many times have you looked at the pizza coupons in your kitchen drawer and then spent half an hour trying to decide what to order? Of course, if you're single, that's probably a rare occurrence. But if you're not living alone, deciding what pizza toppings to order can be quite an ordeal. (Especially if you have kids!) And it looks like the more people involved, the longer it takes to decide what kind of pizza to get. By the time you all agree on the same thing, you're probably sorry you ever dug those pizza couples out of the drawer!

So have you ever surprised what the most popular pizza topping are in the United States? Most people have their favorites, and are curious as to how their choices compare to the average pizza lover.

Well, the number one spot when it comes to favorite pizza toppings in America will probably come as no surprise. It's the old standby, pepperoni. Something like 25% of all pizzas sold in the United States are pepperoni and cheese pizzas.

Sausage is in second place, which again should be no surprise to most people. And you can probably guess number three, too. That's right, it's mushrooms. And about 70% of pizza places use canned mushrooms, not fresh ones. Most people ordering pizza seem to prefer the canned, although fresh mushrooms are gaining in popularity.

After that come the veggies (assuming you do not count mushrooms as a vegetable.) Onion is a popular choice for a lot of people, coming in number four on the list.

Olives are number five, with black olives being more popular than green olives by about two to one. After these top five pizza toppings, it's pretty much a tie for the bottom half of the top ten.

Ham, bacon, peppers, hamburger, and tomatoes round out the list. Just for fun, make a note of this list, and the next time you whip out your pizza coupons to order for the whole family, see how your family's topping choices fit in.

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