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Pizza – Unlimited Topping Possibilities

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Above and beyond the crust and sauce, toppings make up the perfect pizza. Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes time to load up. Some like to stick with the more traditional options while others look for unique combinations. Either way, being able to customize a meal may have something to do with the reasons this tends to be one of the most popular food items delivered to the average person's home. Toppings are a great way to personalize your next pie.

Traditional Toppings

Every pizza has some type of crust. From there, everything else is optional. Most people include sauce as the first ingredient, spread over the entire crust except for the very edge. From there, cheese tends to be the next ingredient, often sprinkled on top of the sauce as well as the rest of the ingredients at the very end before the pie heads to the oven. When you pull a slice away from the rest, you can see a string of cheese keeping the two connected.

After cheese, pepperoni is next on the list of traditional ingredients found on most pizzas. Other ingredients commonly added include tomato, onion, mushrooms, and sausage. Anchovies anyone? Some people add them all together while other pick and choose to make their perfect combination. For those that can not agree, a pizza can be ordered with one side including certain toppings and the other side containing something completely different.

Taking It To the Next Level

Italian restaurants and pizzerias often take their fare to the next level with different combinations. Aside from the cheese, one option uses all of the meats available to create a protein packed meal. Sausage, bacon, pepperoni and ham all come together to make a meat lover's dream. On the opposite end of the spectrum, veggie lovers can add any combination of vegetables includingions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and even eggplant to their pie.

One of the best parts about pizza is the endless possibility. If you enjoy certain foods, you can toss them on a crust with a little sauce and cheese and you have a meal. Things like barbeque chicken or ground beef and taco sauce can end up creating something unique and delicious. Some restaurants offer premixed combinations for patrons to choose from. Others allow for people to try their hand at creativity by making a customized list of toppings.

Try It All Out

Before you avoid the anchovies or turn your nose away from the shrimp and sauce pie, consider giving it a try. You may find that your favorite meal needs the addition of crust and sauce to make it memorable. Consider trying new ingredients or toppings that others recommend. Remember you will never know whether or not you will like it a try.

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