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Pizza – The Pie of the Italian Eye

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If you were sitting around with friends on a Saturday night, would you be at all surprised if someone suggests ordering a pizza? The fact is pizza is one of the most widely appreciated foods in the world, and it can be found from one side of the globe to the other. There are literally thousands of different possibilities when it comes to garnishing a pizza, and it basically all falls to what you appreciate the most. Pizza is an Italian dish that has been around for centuries, and it is still enjoyed everyday in Italy as a simple yet filling meal. You will find many variations of this pie through Italy's many regions; each and every one of them is as delightful as the last.

Primitive Cookware

Pizza has been around as far as historians can seemly follow, and it was not a recipe that had any actual reason to change over the years. This bread like food was once cooked on the shields of Roman soldiers, and then garnished with ingredients such as: olive oil, tomatoes, onions, and dates. The great thing about this type of cooking is that it left no trace of the army for the opposition to find. The "plates" so to speak were actually ateen. The first sign of pizza can be found at the bottom of oven stones, and the less fortress mostly enjoyed this meal. People would flock to the streets of Rome to try this wonderful dish that the peasants basically designed for simple meal times, and it called for the use of very basic and easily accessible ingredients.

Endless Options

When it comes to pizza, you really have no limit to what you can use as an ingredient. There are actually thousands of variations in regards to a pizza, finding the right mix for you is only a matter of trial and error. Virtually any meat that you can find is a capable ingredient for a pie, and some of the more popular meats include: ham, ground beef, pepperoni, and anchovies. Of course you must keep in mind that there are many other meats that can be toppings on a pizza, it is as simple as picking one and trying it out. If you are going experiment with ingredients for your pie, you can not forget some of the wonderful veggies that make this meal a hit. With delights such as mushrooms, tomatoes, and hot peppers being popular, they seem to compliment the meats quite nicely.

A Utility Meal

Pizza is what is considered a utility meal, this is a dish that was and still is eaten by those that are of blue-collar lifestyles. There are many that feel this is a simple meal that is not appreciated by the wealthy however, this is not the case. The wealthy of the past in Italy did in fact enjoy this dish just as much as the poor. The difference between the two methods however, was that the wealthy enjoyed the spoils of more delectable ingredients.

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