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Pizza Stones

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When making pizza, the taste will actually depend on the cooking process. In fact, for you to make a spicy and delicious one, the way you bake it will greatly determine the taste. Some ovens do not give the familiar and traditional taste and then if you want this taste, then you need to always bake on the pizza stone.

Unlike when using the pan, the terra cotta tiles of the stone maintain the base layer crisp and you'll never have a soggy layer. This stone is available in different prices and must be accompanied by a paddle that is used for transfering the dish from hot stone. This enables the pizza to bake from both sides and comes out well crunchy. Paddles with long handles are mostly used and preferred ones.

Procedure for using a pizza stone is quite simple. First, put the stone in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes. Shake over the stone using a lump meal, make sure you shake the paddle of the stone open handed, using corn meal, put pizza bread on the paddle, mix the toppings into it carefully to prevent it from spoiling and use nippy jolting motives to transfer your dish from the paddle to the stone.

When you're done baking, ensure that the dish cools down before removing it from the microwave oven. Most important, remember not to put the stone in a hot microwave oven when it's cold. After cleaning, spread olive oil on the stone, do not use soap when cleaning.

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