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Pizza Sausage

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I still can not think of another dish that is delicious and yummy as sausage pizzas. Their aroma and taste makes them absolutely the best. No wonder pizza is a very popular dish. It's simply made of bread and different ingredients are used for topping such as tomato ketchup or sauce, cheese, garlic, chicken, beef, vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, sweet corn, and so on. In a country like Italy it's a very common dish.

Generally sausages are made from nutritious and edible parts of an animal such as organ meats, blood, fats and scarps. Spices, salt and other ingredients are also added, and the meat mainly used is Pork, veal or beef. This dish is in variety such as; Fresh which are made from unprocessed meat and so need proper cooking, cooked ones which only require heating and dry ones, which can be stored for longer time.

Vegetarian ones are also included here and they're basically made from soy, nuts, tofu and vegetables. The procedure for making sausages is quite simple. The obvious thing to start with, is identifying the ingredients you want. Put in mind that your kind of ingredients will determine your final product so use the best you can. Sodium nitrate is one ingredient you can use to help preserve and also add flavor.

The next step is grinding and mixing various spices and meat that you're using. From here put the mixture in the forming device, cover it with castings earlier soaked in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes and hang them to dry. Finally put in a smoke house and bake to about a temperature of 170F. Spray with hot water and then wash with cold water to reduce to 100F, dry and then store in your cooler.

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