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Pizza Restaurant – Pizza As a Well-Loved Comfort Food?

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I have always been made to believe, ever since I was a child, that pizza is a comfort food. I guess it is because whenever I will feel sad or when we need to perk up our evening, my mom will always say "its pizza night!" And immediately, our faces would light up and I and my siblings would immediately jump for joy! There is something in the tone of my mom; s voice whenever she says pizza night that made us feel so excited. Even if it was the same kind over and over, we never seem to lose our appetite. I guess it's because pizza is really considered as a comfort food; with all its oozing mozzarella cheese and mouth-watering toppings, who can deny this truth?

But as I grow up, my perception of pizza changed, especially when I went to work in the city where pizza delivery is not the only way to enjoy it. I remembered my childhood; we only ate our pizza at home. However, my experience of this food is larger when I got to eat in the best pizza places. It's just so amazing how my simple pizza experience was turned into something more elegant. Pizza restaurants in the city offer all kinds of fancy pizza toppings! I did not know that it could have prepared gourmet style until my husband, who was then still my boyfriend, brought me to a famous fancy pizza restaurant.

My whole concept of pizza changed; from a simple comfort food to a delectable gourmet food. I guess, no matter how we were introduced to this wonderful creation of food connoisseurs, one thing will never change, it will always be a comfort food. I guess it is because its flavor is bursting with so much texture and mixture of taste. From the sourness of the tomato sauce, to the strong taste of mozzarella cheese, to the bland and tasteless base of the crust and lastly, the spiciness of the pepper, jalapeno, Italian sausage; you name it! All these mixtures of flavors make it so inviting and satisficing for your palette … absolutely, warming your heart.

We all have to agree that at some point, we crave this extraordinary delicacy. No matter how we want to have it, whether through pizza delivery or enjoying it in a fancy pizza restaurant, we will definitely experience some kind of joy from within. Perhaps this is the reason why it is a favorite family treat. I treat my kids to a pizza night whenever they win a ball game or they do well in school. And they sure feel a reward coming along with this treat. And the trick works! They do well the next time they take their tests or they participate in a ball game. I guess they look forward to having pizza night again. It's the whole experience of good food, relaxed family bonding and fun memories.

So the next time you feel like being satisfied and you can not pin point what your tastes buds are looking for, order some pizza. It might just be the answer to your craving!

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