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Pizza Recipe – What All Do You Know?

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Pizza is an all-time classic favorite food. It is an extremely versatile food, right down to the crust which can be thin crust, crispy crust or a thick crust. Pizza sauces vary from tomato sauce, to spicy sauce and even white sauce. Pizza toppings can range from pepperoni to pineapple, and incidentally the combination tastes great together. There are many ways to make a great, nutritious, healthy pizza. A thin crust pizza is lighter that a deep dish one and tastes lighter too. Tomato sauce, used instead of white or creamy sauce is much healthier as well.

Vegetables go great on your homemade pizza and are colorful with great flavor and texture. They taste great with all meat toppings from lamb to chicken to anchovies. Raw vegetables, thawed vegetables and even grilled vegetables can be added to pizza and will all taste great. Low fat cheese is the way to go for a healthy pizza topping. Goat's cheese or low fat mozzarella cheese taste great on pizza and can even be used together. Even Parmesan cheese is much healthier than all fat cheese. It has such a strong flavor that you can use it in small amounts instead of large quantities like the other cheeses.

Roasted bell peppers are one of the greatest pizza topping that you can use. They taste great, healthy and look colorful too. Bell peppers can be red, orange, green or yellow in color and you can use all these colors to create a great looking pizza. If you roast them they will be succulent and juicy. All you need to do is to put a bell pepper on your grill or over your stove. Roast until it is black and charred. You can also broil bell peppers. Put it on a baking sheet after rubbing vegetable oil on it. Turn it with tongs when it starts to blacken. Bell peppers can be broiled whole or in slices. You can also cook bell peppers in olive oil.

Pineapple is another great topping that infuses rich, juicy sweetness into your pizza. Olives give it great texture, whether black or green. You can use jalapenos if you want a really sweet and spicy blend. The best thing about pizza is that it is such a versatile food dish and anything tastes great as a pizza topping. So do not worry about experimenting; from shallots to baby corn everything tastes great on pizza.

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