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Pizza – Popular Types of Crusts

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Calling in an order for pizza is not always easy with a large group. It seems like everyone wants something different and coming to an agreement is not always easy. Why is it so hard to get everyone to agree? One reason seems to be the crisis. Everyone has a favorite and they tend to not want to compromise the order. The options are often thick, thin, deep dish, and stuffed.


Thick pizza crust is often considered to be the more traditional option. In fact, if you do not specify something different, chances are this is what you are getting. The crust rises while being baked with the outer edges rising up a little higher than the rest. (In most cases, ingredients do not weigh down the outer ring.) When it comes time to eat, hang onto that thick crust as it can hold up the entire slice while you work your way down to the end.


If you like the crispy crust, you are probably looking for a thin pizza. You are not going to see a major rise on this crust. The pie holds thin from beginning to end and when you take a bite, expect a crunch. Depending on how it is made, it may not be able to handle a lot of ingredients, so check with your waiter for more options.


You can forget eating with your hands if you get an authentic deep-dish pizza. The crust tends to be more like biscuit than just a crust. The sides of the pan ensure that it can rise up without losing any of the ingredients over the side. This comes out thicker and in some cases a little heartier than the alternatives.


A little newer on the pizza scene, the stuffed crust is gaining in popularity. There are a variety of different ways to stuff the crust. Sometimes sauce is placed on the edges of the crust. Then it is folded up, enclosing the sauce inside. Other times the same technique is followed with cheese instead of crust. You can even order a special type of pie that looks like a cheesy bread on the outside that can be rolled off in pieces.

It is not going to be easy to please everyone when you call in your order but you have a few options. Consider compromising this time with a guarantee that you will be able to make the decision next time. Other times it may be worth it to order an extra pie to make sure everyone is happy. Remember that nothing can be better than your delicious leftovers eaten cold from breakfast the next day!

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