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Pizza Pizza – Gluten Free Please

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When I was first diagnosed and told to go on a gluten free diet, I remember thinking of all the foods I would no longer be able to enjoy. Pizza was a ritual for us. Being from Chicago was just the beginning. Pizza was my go to food on Friday nights. I could not believe I would no longer be able to just walk to our favorite pizza joint and get my deep dish pepperoni.

If you have been diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerant you may have experienced the same grieving for your go to foods. No more bread, pasta, cupcakes, the whole flourly family of foods. My grief was for pizza.

Pizza crust takes the gold when it comes to the real reason dough needs gluten. Gluten makes it elastistic. So when the chef throws the dough in the air and tosses it around it does not get a hole in the dough. It makes it stick together and stretch with our falling apart. It gives the crust it's chewiness and texture.

In my gf life I have tried several pizza crust from the grocery store and a few from restaurants. They were not the same. Too thin, too crunchy, too crumbly and the list go on. It is frustrating to pay double the price for a pizza and not meet your expectations.

Well I have found the replacement!

While at the GFAF Expo in San Francisco we ate supper one evening at the California Pizza Kitchen. I am in love with their new gluten free pizza in Chicago, and the Bay area did not fail. We met the Bay Area Regional Manager Peter and learned a few tips.

The server will ask if you are intolerant or celiac to find out how sensitive you are to gluten. If you are celiac they will take the extra time to ensure everything is cleaned and prepared separate for your safety, including fresh pans, utensils, new ingredients. I also learned CPK has switched to using rice flour in all of their ovens to prevent cross contamination. They even dust their non-gluten free pizzas now with rice flour. Another selling point is they have gluten free beer.

No need to forgo the pizza and beer tradition any more, with California Pizza Kitchen's new gluten free crust and certified gluten free prep area I can go have a gluten free Friday night with Pizza and Beer.

Source by Tiffany Hinton

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