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Pizza Pizazz – There is Life Beyond Frozen Pizza

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Pizza is a topic near and dear to almost any male's heart and stomach. It is so necessary for their survival. I also enjoy a really great pizza so my mission was to help my husband see beyond frozen pepperoni pizza. Now, there is nothing wrong with frozen pepperoni pizza and it has its place, but the opportunities for really great eating with pizza are endless. We have now become pizza snobs.

First thing we did was to perfect our own pizza dough. We went through deep dish, pan, foccacio, and thin crust. The thin crust was the ultimate winner. With the thinner crust, we can enjoy the flavors without feeling we had a tummy full of bread.

There are many variations on the thin crust – adding garlic, herbs, or seasonings to the dough provides even more complex flavors. We recently developed a baked potato pizza using a potato dough for the crust. With traditional baked potato toppings, it was an instant hit.

However, there is not always the time or energy to make homemade dough. There are excellent alternatives available. Use a pre-made crust, frozen crust, or even the crust in the can. Our local co-op also sells balls of pizza dough and it is incredible.

Sauce: There are plenty of excellent canned sauces available for pizza topping. You can make your own, but if time is critical, do not hesitate to use one of them. Use a quality product so you do not end up with a tinny tomato sauce taste.

Toppings: A topic in and of itself. If you can eat it, you can put it on a pizza. But, there is a secret to a good pizza – do not have so many toppings that you lose the flavors. Combine favorites from meals you like – why not a fajita pizza? How about a cheeseburger or BLT pizza? Italian sausage. Buffalo Chicken, BBQ – endless opportunities.

Cheese: One of my favorites parts. We do not limit ourselves to mozzarella. We always add some Parmesan Reggiano and Romano. Based on toppings, try Cheddar, Swiss, or Colby-Jack. One of our most favorites – feta. Sliced ​​buffalo mozzarella is excellent on a veggie pizza with fresh spinach, sliced ​​Roma tomatoes and a couple of sliced ​​portabellas. Hmm …. can taste it now.

Order of Assembly: A little olive oil over the crust and rim (if homemade), sauce to your taste, cheese, and then your favorite toppings. Follow baking instructions for the particular crust type you are using.

Cibo felice!

Source by Judy Ferril

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