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Pizza Ovens – What You Need for Making Your Own Pizza

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Pizza ovens operate by heating cooked pizza and baking pizza dough with dry heat. They are specifically shaped to fit in flat and wide dough on their pull-out trays or racks capable of holding one to four pizzas. Most models also come with temperature controls and timers you can set for baking and reheating cycles.

Practical and convenient

With your own pizza oven, you may never need to order take-out or have pizza delivered to your home anymore. If you still like your pizza delivered but you end up with leftovers afterwards, you can use your pizza oven to reheat them so you can eat them again later on.

Gas pizza oven

The gas pizza oven utilizes propane or natural gas for producing heat. They have large capacities, making them ideal for commercial use since they produce more heat and cook faster compared to electric ovens.

Electric pizza oven

Meanwhile, the electric pizza oven utilizes radiant coils for heating up the air in the oven. They come in compact countertop models and are available in stainless steel, ceramic, or aluminum baking surfaces.

Mind the baking deck!

When browsing through pizza ovens, check the baking deck. Choose an oven with a ceramic or stone baking deck for an authentic taste. Stone surfaces can absorb moisture from the dough to reduce the pizza's fat content but they also retain heat longer compared to metal so you can keep your pizza warm even if it is switched off.

Control options

Pizza ovens should give you control options for toast, keep warm, and bake. Make sure to buy one that allows you to set the cooking time and temperature for different recipes. Furthermore, ensure that there are indicator sounds and lights to alert you when the pizza is done.

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