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Pizza on the Grill

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We have a baking stone that we use for cooking pizza, as well as bread. One of them is old and so seasoned that I love the flavors of the food that come off of it. The other one is newer and I am trying to use it more so it can catch up with its partner in the oven.

Homemade pizza is a favorite meal in our home. We love making dough and experimenting with all sorts of possibilities. For some reason, it finally hit us this year to take the pizza outside during the summer.

We use our baking stone on the grill. There is not that much difference than baking in the oven, but there is the enjoyment of taking the pizza off the grill, eating it outside in the lovely summer weather, and not heating up the kitchen. The advantage of the baking stone is that you do not have to worry about the pizza falling through the grill grates and it cooks evenly.

If you want to cook directly on the grates, you need a two step process. You need to sear the crust on the grown hot side of the grill and then move the crust to the cooler side of the grill for topping and cooking.

There are some things to consider when cooking pizza on the grill.

  • If you are going to cook directly on the grains, watch the topping load. It can bring a pizza down through the grates in a very short time. Sear it and then top it. Cover the grill to complete baking.
  • If you are using a baking stone, preheat the grill with the stone on the grains. Prepare your pizza on a paddle. Sprinkle a little corn meal over the heated stone and slide the pizza onto the stone. Cover and cook.
  • Toppings on a grilled pizza should reflect their source. Use fresh veggies, fresh cheeses, lighter grilled meats and even a white sauce to emphasize the seasonal difference.
  • Do not walk too far away from the grill. Watch that pizza. Grilling temps and times are different that the oven in many respects. Some grills have hot spots and can cook faster than we realize.

It might take a couple of tries to get it right so experiment before you have company over for pizza on the grill. I am pretty sure you will all enjoy the break from the kitchen and the flavors from the grill.

Source by Judy Ferril

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