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Pizza Menus and Seasonal Advertising Campaigns

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Did you know that your pizza menus should change every few months in order to maximize your sales? That’s right – those hard working pizza menus that you send out with every order need to be maintained and updated just like any other advertising campaign.

Pizza Menus Are Just Like Any Other Advertisement

Have you ever received ads for weight loss programs during the summer? Do you receive ads for flat screen televisions during football season? Did you ever notice that those $5 pizza places tend to advertise more when the economy is slow? You probably answered yes to all of those questions.

It pays to be smart in advertising. The early spring months present an opportunity for you to promote healthy menu items as people become weight-conscious. Help your customers achieve their beach figures by including healthy takeout menu options such as salads. During the summer months you might to offer package deals for families and friends. The summer is also a perfect time to hire out-of-school teenagers to distribute your menus and flyers. During the winter months, you may have better results with loaded pizzas and wings (think football season) as hungry sports fans satisfy their appetites.

By adjusting your menu to reflect seasonal holidays, current events, and national pastimes you can increase sales and grow your business. It’s simple to do and can lead to major profit increases. Take a look at the following calendar to plan your 2008 pizza menus.

2008 Calendar of Holidays/Events:

January 1 – New Year’s Day

February 3 – NFL Super Bowl

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Days

March 24 – Easter Sunday

May 5 – Cinco De Mayo (Mexican Holiday often observed in U.S.)

July 4 – Independence Day

September 1 – Labor Day

October 31 – Halloween

November 4 – Election Day

November 11 – Veterans Day

November 27 – Thanksgiving

November 28 – Black Friday

December 25 – Christmas

More Advertising Opportunities:

Little League baseball season – offer free slices for home runs, stolen bases, etc

Beach/Bikini Season – promote healthy menu items and weight loss

Graduation Day – offer discounts for new graduates

Mother’s Day – work with a local florist to offer a free flower with every pizza

Father’s Day – create a special for hungry fathers that includes pizza, wings and drinks

Local Festivals & Fairs – be a part of local community activities

Getting the Most Out of Your Pizza Menus:

Your pizza menus should follow time-tested and proven design layouts that present your menu items and pricing in the most effective way possible. Here are 5 design and printing tips to get started:

  • Always print in full-color on glossy paper – you must look good to the customer!
  • Only use high quality images of your pizza and menu items
  • Hire a graphic design service if you do not have graphic design experience
  • Gather menus from other pizza shops – note what you like and dislike about them
  • Choose a menu printer that specializes in pizza menus and will send you free print samples

Remember: Your menu has to sell for you when you are not there!

Source by Chris Barr

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