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Pizza Menu Printing Survey Results – Feedback From Pizza Shop Owners

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Did you know that pizza menu printing is critical to the success or failure of your takeout business? Both independent and franchise pizza shops rely heavily on pizza menus, flyers, and door hangers to generate new sales and retain customers. The old saying “never deliver an order without delivering a menu” is a time-tested and valuable lesson learned by thousands of take-out restaurants across the country.

With so much potential revenue dependent upon the success of your print advertising strategy, are you paying enough attention to your menu and flyers? If you are like most time-crunched pizza shop owners, the answer is probably “No.” We have compiled the seven most commonly addressed menu printing issues/questions that pizza shops experience – read on.

Pizza Business Printing Survey: Feedback from Pizza Shop Owners

A recent survey, conducted by an industry-leading printing company, confirmed that the majority of pizza shop owners who actively advertise with printed menus and flyers are doing an excellent job. Most advertising restaurant owners adjust their menu prices frequently and maintain flexible advertising programs which they fine-tune based upon customer needs and business growth initiatives. The survey also revealed that most small business owners were satisfied with their current menu printer. Here are some results from the nation-wide survey:

The 7 Most Common Concerns: Advertising with Pizza Menus & Flyers

1. Adjusting your prices to compensate for cheese, flour, etc price fluctuations

2. How to switch from black and white menus to full-color without major price increases

3. Concerns about customer reaction to new menus and pricing

4. Shifting the customer’s focus from pricing to the food on new menus

5. Coupons and specials that will generate sales

6. Distributing menus every week – costs and ROI

7. Local competition – how to make menu better than competitors

Method Used for Ordering Pizza Menus

55.6% of pizza shops use internet search engines/websites to order pizza menu printing

33.4% of pizza shops use industry magazines or media sources to order pizza menu printing

11% of pizza shops use industry referrals or employees to order pizza menu printing

Satisfaction with Current Printing Company

81.3% of pizza shops were satisfied or very satisfied with their current pizza menu printer

Satisfaction with Printing Company Design Team or Staff

88.3% of pizza shops were satisfied or very satisfied with their pizza menu design agency

The survey also revealed that the most common printing-related issues that pizza shops experience are related to missed deadlines, design errors, or difficulty ordering services. However, the overall majority of small business owners were satisfied or very satisfied with the results of their design and printing services.

Small Business Pizza Menu Printing Survey Conducted by Taradel, LLC August 2008

Source by Chris Barr

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