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Pizza – How to Cook Like the Pizzerias

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The Best Pizzeria in Town is Your Own Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to make a pizza pizza from scratch in your own kitchen. Make a pizza that tastes like one of those pizzeria pizzas you see on TV or here people talk about. You know the ones they had in New York city at a Pizzeria shop. Well you can with the right help. This book is going to teach you every thing shy has learned from working for the pizza companies for years.

Get Everything You Need To Make The Best pizza Right At Home.

Where to find ingredients that you may not find at your local supper market, and a source for finding the best pizza ingredients you can buy in bulk. Start with the dough and find out how to tell when your dough is perfect. Why you should never use chlorinated water when making your dough. How to toss the dough like a pro, why you should never put your pizza dough on a pan to cook. That secret piece of equipment you must have in your oven to make perfect pizza crust every time, and many more secrets.

The Best Homemade Pizza At Your Fingertips

This is a 71 page step by step pizza e-book that tells all of the secrets and a 1 hour 20 minutes DVD video demonstration of everything in the book. The DVD is free when your order the e-book. Whether you're an experienced cook or you have never made a pizza in your life. This book will help you make your kitchen the best pizzeria in town.

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