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Pizza for One or for a Crowd

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How many are coming for dinner? Pizza can be the perfect main dish whether you're serving one person or a huge crowd. You can add up the diners, and do the math. It will vary by the age of the diners and the authority of their appetites. Here are some ways to plan your numbers.

One or Two

If you are just feeding yourself or one other person, the math is easy. One pizza should be enough for even the hardiest of appetites. Many restaurants have personal pies that will allow one person to eat and not have any leftovers. You can also order a full size pie in a smaller size. Some typical pie measurements are 12 inches, 18 inches, and a whopping 24 inches.

Medium Sized Party

If you're feeding a family of four or six, one or two pies might be able to satisfy your group if the kids are little. This will depend on the ages of the diners, however. If you are a family with four teenage boys, you may need five large pizzas. Adolescent males are known to eat their families into near bankruptcy. Luckily, pizza is a pretty economic dish. If your teen boys are football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or any other sport players, they can reasonably consume a substantial number of slices. It's always best to have too much than too little. This is one food that is just as tasty as a leftover as it is the first day. It's even delicious served cold.

Large Shindig

There's probably not a group too large for a pizza party. Entire elementary schools have been fed this yummy Italian main dish for their school lunch. Some restaurant delivery trucks will show up with a gigantic stack of flat boxes and the kids go wild, knowing what's in store for them in the cafeteria. In order to do the math for any group, consider that these pies are usually cut into 12 slices, depending on the size of the circular pie. If you feeding small children or are using this food as more of an appetizer, you can ask the restaurant to double- or triple-cut the pies. This will allow you 24 or 36 slices. Consider that most diners will eat an average of two or three slices, so get out your calculator and add it up.

Whether you're having a small, medium, or huge party for dinner or lunch, you'll be able to feed them with the right amount of pizza pies. With a large or medium group, it's best to order a variety of toppings so everyone is satisfied with the meal.

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