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Pizza Dough

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Have you ever wondered why pizza is the most popular and famous dish worldwide? Could it be its availability in various types or variety of toppings, or is it just for its delicious taste? Well, one thing that I'm sure though, is that it's fun to make one. Different toppings are used such as sauce either made of tomato or garlic paste, cheese and in this case mozzarella is mostly preferred, herbs or seasonings like basil, oregano and garlic, various types of vegetables such as bell peppers, eggplants, onions, spinach, sweet corn and so on.

Meats like ground beef, bacon, harm, chicken, seafood and so on are also used to add different tastes. Typically, these variations in ingredients result in different types of pizzas and also in variety of shapes. However, the general shape is round. Neverheless, some shops and restaurants may give you an option of making your own type as per your taste and using your favorite toppings.

The base or the crust is known as pizza dough. Its prepared in a number of ways and usually white in color. The dough also comes in different types and sizes. It's available in the market for those who prefer not to bake one. Generally, they're fermented and prepared with the help of yeast.

Some of the ingredients used in preparing the dough include; warm water, yeast, salt, sugar, virgin olive oil, cheese of grown parmesan type, bright red sauce, ice cold semolina flour, and honey. Depending on your taste and imaginations, there are a variety of ingredients some not even mentioned above that can be used.

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