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Pizza Delivery Driver's "No Brainer" Guide to Self Defense Products

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Most people know that delivering pizza can be dangerous at times … but I'll betcha 'the biggest pizza in New York that people have no clue what pizza drivers really end on a nightly basis when it comes to safety and security!

Robbery, car-jacking, assault, and verbal threats are just some of the crimes these brave souls are victim to every day of the week … and it seems many of the BIG NAME pizza companies have not been able to offer their drivers any "formal" means of security.

I just read a statistic recently that said: "Three pizza delivery drivers are robbed every day in America"

Say what? Are you serious? Every day? Those are scary stats, are not they?

When I read this, my heart truly went out to this segment of the work force. They provide an extremely valuable service (I loooooove pizza!) And they need a place to get the "tools" of the trade when it comes to protecting themselves.

On top of that robbery statistic, we are faced with shrinking budgets in almost every major Police / Sheriff department in the country. This obviously means fewer and fewer cops on the street.

Let's be realistic about the Police protecting you. Check out this alarming fact: "95% of the time Police arrive too late to prevent a crime or catch the suspect!" – US News & World Report

I have a simple "slice of truth" for anyone reading this right now: Personal Protection Is Your Responsibility!

That's right Bucco … it's up to you to protect yourself. (That's exactly why I created this guide!)

So, what does that mean to you?

That means: Forget the "policy" … forget the Pizza … and forget the police! When you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, sometimes the only way you're going to survive is to defend yourself! If you are really influenced by a "customer", hit em 'with a blast of pepper spray … and when the Boss requests what happened? … tell him all you did was give the customer a little extra "crushed pepper" ! (How do you like them apples?)

I can not give you advice for every scenario you'll encounter. What I can provide you is a ginormous selection of the most effective and reliable self-defense products on the market.

Whatever decision you make … just do not put your safety on the back burner. Remember … personal protection is your responsibility! Get your own complimentary guide at the link below. Be safe!

Source by Todd Fernandez

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