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Perfect Pizzas Every Time With The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

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The Pampered Chef was founded by a woman; a mother, home economics teacher and cook who wanted to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying family mealtimes with her family. That woman’s name was Doris Christopher, and that story began more than 20 years ago, in 1980, in her home basement in Chicago. Since its beginnings offering in-home cooking demonstrations that featured the most useful and efficient kitchen tools, the company has grown through its innovative line of products that are showcased through a million annual demonstrations by 60,000 consultants. One of their greatest products is The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone, which ensures even and thorough baking of pizzas, cookies and appetizers.

The baking stone forms part of the Pampered Chef Stoneware range, and is available in medium (13 inch) and large (15 inch). Created by The Pampered Chef, it is as useful and efficient as it is socially acceptable, and it even comes with molded handles that ensures it can be taken smoothly and safely from the oven and served to guests immediately. When used correctly, the baking stone ensures even heating and cooking of food, and draws moisture away from the surface so your doughy bases do not get soggy. It also has a non-porous surface, so you don’t have to worry about it absorbing any oil or water.

For best results, the pizza stone should not be used to cook foods that are heavily frozen; they should be defrosted before use. Also make sure that the food is spread evenly over the surface and is not all concentrated in one spot.

The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone should not be washed with soaps or detergents, and it is not suitable for use in a dishwasher. It comes with a handy nylon scraper you can use to scrape off burnt food with. You should wash the baking stone before its first use, but also bear in mind there is a chance that food might stick initially. It will develop a natural non-stick surface after a few uses, so you may need to use a light sweep of oil for the first few bakes. Pampered Chef Stoneware is not recommended to be used with non-stick or aerosol spray.

To look after your baking stone, make sure you do not change temperatures suddenly, like immerse it in water immediately after coming out of the oven. You should not preheat it before use. You should also take care not to place it on a source of direct heat, like a hob, or beneath a broiler, as the rapid heating can cause it to crack.

The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is suitable for use in both conventional and convection ovens, microwaves and freezers.

The pizza stone is a welcome addition to The Pampered Chef’s range of kitchen tools, and can make sure that every pizza or cookie you bake comes out perfectly cooked and crispy underneath. It is durable and is a great kitchen investment, although it is likely to break if it is dropped on a hard surface.

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