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Pakistan Soon to Have Major Earthquake – A Prophecy I Received From the Lord Today

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I was having two slices of pizza today from a Turkish fast food place I like to go where I have friendly Muslim friends. As I was eating the second slice of Pizza I was attracted to a whole lot of dollar notes from all different countries that the owners had collected and that were in a glass case near the till. I walked over to have a good look.

One of the notes is a 500,000 dollar note and the owners have told me in past times that it is worth virtually nothing today. I was chewing my pizza and looking at the country of each note.

When I looked at a note from Pakistan I suddenly bit my tongue real hard and it really hurt me. I was shocked by the pain and my mistake and yet what the Lord told me shocked me more.

“Pakistan is going to have a major earthquake soon”

“This really Hurts Lord,” Is all I could say not really wanting to hear what he just told me.

“Not half as much as it is going to hurt the people of Pakistan.”

The Lord has directed me to write an Ezine article prophesying that Pakistan is soon to have a devastating earthquake.

Naturally writing this article and posting it strikes fear into a prophet whether they really think to be one some day. Prophesying about the future with a date or timelines attached is a very risky venture as if the prophesy does not come true everyone and his dog has grounds in the Bible to call you a false prophet.

This is where a man like me simply has to take up his cross.

The Lord obviously wants prayer support for the nation in advance and he wants to establish Himself as one that can predict the future.

In personal prophecies I tend to try and shy away from speaking about a persons future and like to let them know what the Lord is saying about their Lord but the late Lord has had me write some very bold prophecies to some people that I know with really big things promised for their future.

I learned recently in an article that a prophet's job sometimes is to recognize a person's future calling on their life and declare it to the person. I know some very anointed men of God have done that to me in the past and each prophecy has meant a great deal to me.

God is testing me.

Telling a few hundred people on an ezine is not going to have a massive effect on Pakistan but it is one more act of obedience the Lord has called me to. Myself getting a reputation for speaking about future judgments and calamities will work for Gods glory in that when the Lord uses me to teach which I mostly do and share the impact of the messages will be taken with more authority.

I told the Muslim lady I know that served me that God had told me Pakistan was going to have an earthquake soon and she asked had God spoken to me in a dream. She was very open to the fact that people dream such things. I told her no, the Lord has simply just old me in my head as I ate the pizza and she was somewhat shocked and said she really hopes it does not happen because they are such poor people already.

I heard today that Christians in Pakistan regularly get beat and their churches burnt down and the women raped. Perhaps God wants to put his finger on his approval of this behavior.

We all hear of the Muslim town / city where the Christians fled violence to the mountains over the holiday period when the Tsunami hit. I can remember the name of that town or city that it happened in but can not spell it. It sees that in that region the Muslims were quite extreme and violent towards Christians.

So why do the innocent die? Why another earthquake? Why the poor? Why Now?

These are all the hallmarks of the time of sorrows that has to come.

Source by Matthew Robert Payne

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