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New Mover Pizza Customers – Welcome to The Neighborhood With Direct Mail!

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When advertising to ‘new movers’ many local businesses approach it as if they are doing something wonderful for the new residents. Of course they are! They are probably giving those new movers great discounts or coupons, but those new movers are doing something for the restaurant as well – they are bringing in new business.

A Little Honesty Goes a Long Way

When surveyed, a majority of Americans stated that the thing that turns them off to advertising is that they believe it to be just empty ‘hype’ for the most part. One approach that is proven to be effective when taking advantage new mover direct mail is to be up front with them! Instead of simply saying “Welcome to the Neighborhood” and giving them a coupon for money off their first order, tell them you are also looking for their business! Several studies have been conducted and the results substantiated the fact that consumers respond well to those ads that say, “We want your business.” After all, they know you are giving them a discount because you want their business, so beat them to the punch! Tell them right up front that you want them to try your pizza knowing that they will be back for more!

A Menu, a Map and a List of Local Events

When you have your menu printed for direct mailings, discuss with your printer the option of having a local map printed with your logo and contact information on it. On the reverse side of the map, make a list of local events that newcomers may not be aware of. Perhaps they are new to the area and don’t know about the County Fair or the annual Christmas Crafts Bazaar. Include local trivia such as when the town was founded, and if any historical events of national proportions took place in the area. These are all things that may be of interest to new movers, especially those from out of state!

Other Advertising that Generates Massive Response

Another way to use direct mail to get massive response from new movers is to include other useful household items that have been imprinted with your logo. Magnets are extremely popular because they can be adhered to refrigerators and notes and reminders can be placed there. Be the first local business to send a new mover direct mail packet and your magnet will be the very first to be displayed. Your contact info is on the magnet which will remind them that they have that new mover coupon sitting in the drawer, and it’s time to take advantage of that great deal.

The key to successful advertising is to make it real. Customers love a bargain, but they also appreciate honesty and integrity. Don’t be ashamed to say, “We want your business!” They already know it, but it’s nice to hear it said. Send them a professionally printed menu, a warm letter of welcome, and other promotional materials such as magnets and information about their new neighborhood. Give them a good deal and some old fashioned honesty and a new mover pizza direct mail campaign will generate massive growth for your business each year!

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