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Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

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The types of coffee drinks that you can find at your favorite coffee shop seem to be so numerous. Having a look at the full list makes it hard for you to choose your cup of the day. Although it looks that all coffee has the basic ingredient, coffee beans and water, it is the way that this coffee is brewed and prepared what makes so much choices available.

In this article I would provide you with a list of the coffee drinks that are most popular. Next time you visit your coffee shop you will have better information about what your order will be.

Americano: This drink is a combination of a single shot espresso and seven ounces of hot water. The name is derived from an insult to rude Americans who were not able to drink full espresso.

Black Coffee: Brewed by drip method, this type of coffee is prepared with French press style or with a percolator. The coffee is served with no milk.

Café au Lait: This type is very similar to Café Latte. The difference is that Café au Lait is prepared with brewed coffee as a substitute to espresso. In addition, the ratio of coffee to milk is 1: 1 thus making the taste less intense.

Café Breva: This is one variety of cappuccino. The difference between the two is that it is made of half and half milk and not full milk. The half and half milk gives a creamier and richer flavor than the whole milk. If you are preparing this type of coffee at home you should be aware that it is harder to foam half and half milk than full milk.

Caffe Latte: Basically this type is made of one shot of espresso and steamed milk, the milk is not frothed. The ratio used of milk to coffee is 3: 1.

Café Macchiato: One shot of espresso with steamed milk. As you notice this is very close to Caffe Latte with the exception that the ratio of coffee to milk is 4: 1.

Cappuccino: This is a combination of equal portions of coffee, frothed milk, and steamed milk. Flaked chocolate or cinnamon is usually sprinkled on the top. Some coffee shops increase the quantity of milk used so that the customer gets a bigger cup. This will make the taste of coffee lighter than it should be.

Double, or Double Shot: As the name implies this is double the quantity of espresso mixed with milk. To prepare a double shot put two shots of espresso in your coffee cup and drip mix together.

Dry Cappuccino: Less popular than the regular cappuccino. This variety comes with less foam and without any steamed milk.

Espresso Con Panna: Your regular espresso with whipped cream at the top.

Flavored Coffee: This can be any variation that is added to alter the plain flavor of your coffee. It comes in different formats such as syrups or spices. The most popular is the chocolate and cinnamon.

The different types of coffee drinks that I have mentioned in this article are not all what you can find in coffee shops. The variety that you see shows how much popular coffee is as a beverage. If you are not sure what to order next time then I suggest having a taste of each to make an informed decision.

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