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Make A Healthy Pizza

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When most people think about pizza, the first adjective that pops into one’s head to describe it is typically not “healthy.” A pizza can be very healthy depending upon what the ingredients are and how it is made. You cannot rely on a delivery place to provide you with the healthy pizza that you’re craving because you simply cannot trust the ingredients that are going into it.

Making a healthy pizza is very simple and comes down to using the right ingredients. Before you worry about the toppings, a good pizza starts with the crush. You can find various types of dough, but a gluten free dough will ensure that everyone can enjoy it despite what their allergies may be. Many gluten free pizza dough has a serious problem – they taste horrible.

The pizza dough that is gluten free usually is either very chewy or so crispy that it breaks into crumbles. Finding a good balance between the two that is actually flavorful can be very difficult. A good recipe is one that incorporates various types of flour, such as tapioca flour, sorghum flour and brown rice flour. Further, additional ingredients such as sea salt, light brown sugar, olive oil and rice vinegar will add some great flavor and prevent the crust from drying out too much.

Once you make the dough, you are in charge of whether you want the crust to be thin or thick, round or square. A good pizza stone can also make a world of a difference so that it doesn’t dry out. Bake it to make sure that the dough rises where it should and then pull it out to start adding the other ingredients.

The pizza sauce is also very important. You can find organic pizza sauces online and in various farmer’s markets. You can also make it yourself by finding the right tomatoes, adding in fresh herbs and garlic and pureeing it in a food processor. Again, you get to be in charge of how chunky it is and what spices are used, giving you a spicier or sweeter flavor. The benefit to making the sauce yourself is that you don’t get the high levels of sodium or sugar that are found in the jarred versions.

As for the cheese, mozzarella or goat cheese are classics. You can use a little or a lot. There are versions that use skim milk as well so that you don’t get any extra fat content than you need. The cheese should cover the pizza as much as you want to provide you with the flavor that you’re after. The toppings can be a number of vegetables, ranging from broccoli florets to mushrooms. Adding a few different ones each time will help you find which ones you enjoy.

Place it all back in the oven until the cheese is melted and you have a delicious, healthy pizza that you’ve created from scratch.

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