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Magic Crisp Microwave Tray

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We went out for pizza with some friends last weekend and of course we had half of our pizza left over. For lunch the next day I heated the leftover pizza in the microwave with the Magic Crisp tray. What a difference it makes! It used to come out limp and did not cook evenly. With Magic Crisp it was crispy on the bottom and evenly cooked on top. I’ve tried reheating pizza on top of the stove, with mixed success (sometimes I burned the bottom before the top was heated through). This is so much better.

Use Magic Crisp For:



Fish Sticks

Rolls (crispy outside, soft inside)


Chicken Tenders

Fries and Onion Rings

How It Works

The Magic Crisp microwave tray has ridges that the food sits on. This allows the air to circulate under and around the food so it gets the crispy texture that’s been missing with microwaved food. The ridges are higher than previously sold trays, so it actually does what it claims to do. And the raised rim of the tray is also higher, so you don’t have to worry about bacon or other grease spilling in the microwave, or on the way to the sink.

The fact that the ridges are higher keeps moisture from accumulating under the foods, which is another reason that the Magic Crisp works so well. I learned a long time ago not to reheat rolls in the microwave; it used to ruin the texture, making them either too tough and chewy or rock hard. My husband and I love rolls and homemade jam, but sometimes when I’m making supper I just don’t think about rolls in time to heat them in the oven. Now we can have hot, tender, crispy rolls whenever we want. This could be a bad thing for our weight, but at our age we don’t care as much.

With the grandchildren close by I end up babysitting a lot, I’ve used the Magic Crisp several times for their favorites: quesadillas and chicken tenders. They come out just like they do when we eat out. Since the little ones don’t always like what the adults are having for supper, it’s nice to pick up the tenders or quesadillas or fish sticks while I’m out earlier in the day, then reheat at the last minute as I’m getting the adult foods on the table.

Source by Julie Ann Brown

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