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Luscious Peruvian Dishes

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Peruvian cuisine is very rich in its flavors and choices. The history of Peruvian cuisine dates back from Inca and pre-Inca times. Whether you go to Europe or South America, the first mind that comes to your mind is Lomo Saltado.

What can be more exciting than discover traditional delights? Peruvian cuisine is famous by its traditional maize, spices and surerly potatoes. Probably the most popular dish is potatoes. Today, more than 4000 verities of potatoes can be found in Peru.

When it comes to traditional dishes, Lomo Saltado is probably the most popular used. Honestly speaking, it is not the best choice for those who are on a diet as it is known as a steak with fried fries and vegetables, garlic, soy sauce, tomatoes that is served on rice. In addition, a vegetable salad or chips can be added. Whether you go to Peruvian restaurant or Italian in Peru, everywhere Lomo Saltado is served.

Peruvian cuisine is not complete without Ceviche, includes white fish, usually sea bass that is marinated in citrus juice with onions it is normally served with corn. Not only in Peru Ceviche is very popular in Chile as well. Another wonderful dish is Tiradito that is almost the same like Ceviche but the fish is usually cut in strips.

In general, Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by others countries, El Chifa is not the original Peruvian dish; it came from Asia and now is served in many Peruvian restaurants. When Peruvian people have a big celebration or any important holiday Pachamanca is coming to the main menu. For preparation amazing dish, you need a lot of force as well as time thus it is not cooked daily. The main ingredients are guinea pig, chicken, lamb, pork, corn, vegetables as well as herbs.

Guy is really mouth-watering meal but slightly scary. This astonishing tradition came to our times from Inca times, when the members of royal families were eaten guinea pig, surely well-fried. The finest restaurant in Lima can be found. But the cost is slightly expensive. Not only meat and potatoes are widely popular in Peru, Sopa is also that is known as soup, usually eaten for a breakfast.

For sweet lovers, Peruvian cuisine also has to offer. There is nothing more toothsome than Peruvian desserts like PicaronesLucumaMazamorra that must be tasted. Have we whetted your appetite? If yes, let’s enjoy Peruvian cuisine.

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