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Learn How to Make Turkish Coffee

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In your journey of your true love for Java, it is important to jump right in and try all the different options that Java brewing has to offer. It is especially wonderful to begin to sample different options from different cultures, because who knows, you may find something that you like! There are so many brewing options today that I hardly know where to begin, but Turkish Coffee is a wonderful option to start with.

You can find this traditional taste in Istanbul, and it is called kahve. This drink came about hundreds of years past, and it will give you the full body, deep aromas, and bright flavors that you are looking for. It is preferred to make this drink with 100% Arabica beans, as it is traditionally done. It is most often prepared with a medium roast and a very fine grind. You will want to set your home grinder to an even finer setting than you would for a traditional espresso.

You'll begin by pouring water into a small Turkish coffee pot that has a handle that you can hold over the stove. After that, add 2 teaspoons of the finely ground Turkish coffee grounds so that they can easily be absorbed by the water. You will then hold the pot over your stove on medium heat, stirring well until it comes to a boil. This should take under five minutes. After it is thoroughly heated, you will pour the final brew product into small Turkish coffee cups that hold around 2 ounces, and there should be a nice foam on top. You can easily drink this rich beverage as the fine grounds will sink to the bottom. Obviously, you do not want to drink the grounds at the bottom of the cup, but they will sink to the bottom of your cup so that you can drink the rest of the delicious brew. Traditionally, these grounds at the bottom of a cup could have been used to tell your fortune, which was done by turning the cup over when you are done drinking. You would then removed the cup, and a fortuneteller would evaluate the pattern that was left in the coffee grounds.

This is an easy method to enjoy with your daily Java drinking, especially since you can heat it so easily over the stove top. I encourage you to begin to explore different types of Java drinking from all different countries and cultures because you never know what you'll find. The flavors and aromas that this Turkish brew has to offer are completely unique and different, but traditionally found and enjoyed by all of the natives in Turkey. There is nothing better than actually traveling to Istanbul to drink this specialty drink for yourself, but you can recreate the deep and dark flavors in your own home. You can also add sugar to taste before or after brewing, but I recommend drinking it black to really appreciate all the dark and smoky flavors of the strong Java. This may be an acquired taste, but it is a delicious one nonetheless!

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