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Kitchen Illiterate? Try Your Hand at a Chicken Pizza Recipe

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At a loss over what to serve for dinner? Do not be chicken – try a chicken pizza recipe! Whether you are entertaining friends or are having a study date, you can not go wrong with pizza. After all, everyone loves pizza. Neither will you go wrong with a chicken pizza recipe. It is the closest to neutral toppings that you can find. Muslims eat chicken but not pork. Non-vegetarian Hindus eat chicken but not beef. And of course, people with dietary restrictions normally eat lean chicken meat rather than any of the red meat selection. This makes chicken pizza the perfect dish to whip up when you want to impress but do not have the time to prepare something more elaborate.

The best thing about chicken pizza recipes is that they are quite versatile. You can liberally spread chicken bit on your pizza and just top if with a fair amount of sauce or your favorite Parmesan cheese. If you are after a more balanced diet, you can toss in some vegetables. Or, you can have more chicken, more vegetables, or an equal amount of both. Yum. Some recipes bake the chicken with the pizza; others tell you to cook the chicken bits separately. Chicken sauces also help give the dish variations in flavor.

You can get recipes anywhere. All you have to do is choose the chicken pizza recipe you want to follow. But is this a guarantee that the pizza you make will taste delicious? No. Why not get tips from a woman who has been making an excellent pizza for years? Beverly Collins wrote 'Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria' as a guide to the pizza-loving kitchen illiterate. Once you read the eBook or download the DVD format, you can easily morph from cooking wannabe to famous gourmet.

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