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Ideas For Romantic Travel Destinations in the Mediterranean

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Every budding traveler has his or her own favorite romantic travel destinations.

However, some destinations seem to crop up in any romantic getaways list. Places like Venice and the French Riviera have been popular choices with couples for decades.

But despite this year, you'd like to go somewhere more low profile than your usual famous romantic vacation spots … Plus when all is said and done, the most important factor for a truly memorable romantic getaway is the company you're with and not the destination.

Here are three romantic travel destinations that you might want to consider if you're planning on taking your special one on a short romantic escapade.

Majorca – Balearic Islands, Spain
The magical island of Majorca is located off the south-east coast of Spain. This beautiful island is blessed with many beaches, spectacular mountains, small intimate villages and stunning countryside scenery.

Immerse yourself into the diversity culture of Cyprus. European, Greek, Middle Eastern and Turkish cultural influences intertwined into one island! Impressive is not it? The island of Aphrodite offers many beautiful mountain walks, fantastic beaches, ski opportunities and delicious food and wine.

Dubbed the Mediterranean's best kept secret, the tiny island of Malta will certainly amaze you! Situated right at the heart of the Mediterranean, this small island has over 7000 years of history, countless baroque masterpieces, lovely beaches and much more.

You can make your stay on the Maltese islands as active as you wish. The main advantage that Malta has over other romantic destinations in the Mediterranean is its smallness, just 316 sq kms.

So in Malta, you can spend many lazy days with your partner and owe just a few hours to sightseeing. Since the island is so small, you'll be able to see its top attractions even in such a short time. And no matter where you stay, you're never too far off from the most popular attractions and sights.

If you want to really escape the crowds and relax in total tranquility, head to Gozo – Malta's sister island. This tiny island is literal something else … it's for good reason that they refer to Gozo as the “island where time still still”. Sounds dreamy does not it?

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